Sunday, June 8, 2008

New blog

im done with blogger.
its anoying.

check it out.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Sorry!!!!

im sorry for this neglection,
i lost my camera for a MONTh

but i got a new one [finally]

so im ready to post a lot again.

tell eevrybody!


Sunday, June 1, 2008

went to All saints festival

had fun.
walked to starbucks afterwards.

everyone but me and Max got nasueas on this one ride,
we didnt go
we went on the slide
and he got attacked by a cicada
and curld into the fetal position. haahah

here i am...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


sorry ive been such a horrid blogger lately, just have a lot of shit going on.

well anyways....
Gap is amazing.

u dig the outfit?
im iffy.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Never mind.

I don't need a break.
I will post you this video instead.
Its me, wishing i could model walk, in my cute new shoes.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I think i need a break.

A week or two, maybe three.
I promise to post again by June
I just need a break.
Im busy with other things....

Saturday, April 19, 2008


The City of Angels.
Sure is. It is truly one of the most amazing places I have ever been. I loved ever minute of the trip. I wish I never had to leave. Of course, it was a bit hard to worry about fashion while I was there, but I tried my best.
DAY 1- After arriving in L.A, we went back to the dorms at AJU, were we stayed, unpacked, and then headed off towards Venice Beach. I bought a bracelet, a ring, a tank top, and little bag, which i wore to Disney World Later that week. After wards, we went on a 1 hour bike ride a long the Beach.

We then Went to Jake's Grandma's house for swimming, pizza, and a ridiculous amount of pool pushing in. oh ya, and some tanning.

DAY 2-
We got up, and went to the Akiba academy, another Jewish school, in LA. They were a bigger school, and i liked some of the people. one guy kept hitting on me, I secretly felt flattered since no one other does, but everyone, as usual, thouht Emily was hottest. Afterwards we went to the California Science center. And after that we ate dinner at Shanghai Kosher, a chinese restaurant, were they forgot to give Emily and I food. After that, we went to the Guiness Worl Record Museum, and the Wax Museum... they were both small and not very good.

DAY 3-
We first visited the Museum of Tolerance, I usually hate Holocaust Museums since they are boring and mean to Germans. But this one was interesting AND nice to Germans. Whoop Whoop. After we went to the skirball museum and played in the Noah's Ark exhibit. and goofed off at the Bob Dylan exhibit. After that we went to Rodeo Drive. I have been looking forever for the Half tint Chanel Sunglasses, i checked all over and couldn't find them! Ahhhh! lol At least i got to order some light light wash true religion skinnies on sale. We then Went out for dinner. I had my first Palegrino, damn its good! lol. when emily ordered it i thought it was whine. haha.

DAY 4-
The next day we started out at a shitty aquarium, a boring boat ride, and a boat tour. After that, we went to a car museum, pretty darn cool, very interesting cars, and after that we went to the Grove and i got some awesome green Rich and Skinny skinny jeans, and tried PinkBerry frozen yogurt, it was amazing! That night there was abig fight until 2 am, it was just like ever other night, sneaking out onto ledges to get into each others rooms, lap dances, truth or dare. but Zeke got thrown against the door by alex, and if he would have hit the door handle two inches closer to his spine, he would have been paralyzed That was the only not fun night, especially since we all got caught...

DAY 5-
The last Day was Disney World. We rode all the mountain rides like 50 times, since they are the nly good ones. We tried to avoid molly, elana, and alison but they found us. But at least we had fun harrasing the guys, and hugging them. I was supposed to meet with Zoe, but my phone died and we coudlnt make plans. i was sad. lol.

Sorry for the lack of detail about what made the trip so fun. Its just that it was all of our craziness and love mutual love for each other throughout our entire grade. Its a feeling you can;t explain. but it is AMAZING.