Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tues. Nov. 27.

Today, i...
Went to school.
yah, nothing new.
Emily was sick, so me hannah and leah ot along pretty well.
yesterday i took my cam and took some cute pics, but i looked dead in like half of them. lol.
i went to leah's after bball. we made a funny video to the song "wow i can get sexual too."
we sowed my mom, she said it ws obnoxioes.
im thinking bout getting a tad bid of a new hairstyle. not much diff, cuz of my bat mitzvah.
a long bob, like nicole richi used to have. and then after my bm, straight across bangs again.
only james, NOT vivian will do it this time, so i dont look 40.
theres a pic of the hair up there. lol.
well g2g. biess.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy thanksgiving!

i hope you guys are having fun... but me,
not so much.
my family is driving me insane,
my mom keeps yeeling at me,
my sisters are talkin bout me,
and so is everyone else.
and not in a good way.
cant stand my family.
everyone in my fam always says like,
"blood is thicker than water"
and im just like, wtf, i prefer my friends, thx
hate family gatherings,
suckish to the max!!!! ewww.
then again,
at east me and leah got to take some fun modeling pics b4,
and i got some real cuteeee ones.
hope y'all didnt stuff yourseleves to much.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alex's Bat- Mitzvah.

went to alex's tody.
uber fun,
but i feel like she stole half my ideas...
even thoug se didnt know them.
i got a enw camera!!!!!
now i can post more pics.
it was so weird at the party, i hung out with so many ppl,
and met a bunch of wyoming ppl, which was way nice.
i got a henna tatoo,
its the shape of the jesus fish...
but it says gefilte on the inside!!!!
its hilarious!!!!
i love it.
i cant wait
to go to wyoming.
it will be so great,
i think some ppl actually liked me,
sry this post isnt funy,
im a tad tired,
and they cant all be funny.
well im tired
heres some prty pics,

Friday, November 16, 2007


thanks to my one adoring fan (kali, i know where you live, bwahahaha.)
i guess i can keep doing this,
who knows?
maybe eventually someone (besides kali) will read it.
so i will just let out all of my secret frustrtions onto here,
and tell you about my life,
fun, huh?
i think so...
then again,
if i went to sycamore,
or even wyoming...
it would be much funner.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007


no one reads this,
i guess i cant pull a cory kennedy,
o well.
im done with this,
myspace is better...
unless someone wants to comment me and tell me to stay!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

russian hat.

i went to the mall with emily today.
it was fun, we took like 15 BILLION pics,
and we bot got "girl in the corner hats"
but mine is more russain, it has like fake fur in the front, its from ameican eagle,
and i dont know why, but emily;s mom bought it for me. haha
i was trying to dress more cory kennedy-esque, but i dont think it worked,
o wll.
i'll work on it.
btw, emily wants to start dressing funkier,
so she bout a vest, and a jumper top!!!!!
maybe she wont be full blown "hard core" prep nymore.
but i doubt it.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mckenzie's bat- mitzvah.

yah, so i just got back from mckenzies bat-mitzvah. kali texted me this afternoon, and asked if i wanted to go with her, and i did, so we went. it was like uber nice, my mom even let me go to snap to buy a new dress. they had an ic bar, so ema, kali, benji, and ethan kept going up and rubbing it, and me nad benji had a contest to see who could keep their hand on it longer.
i won. they had wax hands, airbrush tattoos(i got one that means love in chinese on my riht wrist.) tons of ppl were dancing, but they were all from ccds, so we didnt want to dance with them. it was soooo facy tho, some ppl were wearing gowns, one of the girls, kali thouht she lloked like se was going to a hetto prom. mckenzie and her sisters were drop-dead-gorgeous, them, and leah and her sister need to go model, like right now. lol, i would love to join them with that, my like big dream is to be a model, bt im not really meant to model, u got have this certin look, in your face when i try to do that look, i just look stoned, and no one wants a person that looks like a druggie representing their clothes, so, i'll just be a abuyer at som department store.
o well.

nitey nite.



p.s this is a pic of me in my dress:

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Friday, November 9, 2007


im starting a blog. i have tried tt do this like katrillion times, but i think since i hve my own computer now, i will actually write on mine. no i PROMISE i will.

so back to me. i REALLY hope some people will read my blog, and comment me and all that fun shit. i'll basically just write bout my life and all tat crap, u know? but i'll try to make it interesting. i mean what is more interesting than the life of agirl who cant evend rive ye, and doesn tlive in new york, and doesnt have a boyfriend, [cuz a few monts agoo she dumped her boyfriend of nine months.]

i wcant post any pics for just a tad bit of time to....
since i sorta


my camera. hehe : ]



i have a mac, so u might see the ocasional pic... like this one...
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just so u know who you are dealin with.