Saturday, December 29, 2007

in ny.

nothing new.
i went to h and m though.
i got three pairs of pants.
all high-waisted-ish.
and a bunch of tops,
and two headbands.
but one is waaaaay too small for my head.
thats all.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i hate christmas.

Just as mr. kapitan [[my latin teacher]]
would day,
i hate christmas.
although he likes to tell the world in adifferent way,
he yells it out and pounds his fist on the desk,
while i sit and mope about it.
he and i hate it for different easons.
he hates it because his birthday is three days before,
which leads to unfair amout of presents.
i hate it because it is insanely dull and humdrum,
when you are jewish.
i mean, cmon.
how much chinese food can you possible eat?
how many movies can you possible see?
[[although, i did see juno which was excellent.]]
of course...
to show off my jewish pride,
i made sure to wear my "everyone loves a jewish girl." tshirt.
also people think jews get more presents because we have 8 nights,
not true.
we get less sometimes,
because not all of ours are as extavagant.
o well.
just needed to to tell you,
that i hate x-mas.
but on a happier note.
how was yours?

Monday, December 24, 2007

boy dilema.

the guy i like....
our moms are real good friends,
and my mom asked his mom if he liked me,
cuz she thinks he does.
and it was his bar mitzvah.
she came back and told my mom that he said,
"well, i cant make a move on my bar mitzvah!"
which got me excited,
but today...
my friend told me that he told her a couple days ago,
that he DOES NOT like me.
and im so sad,
and confused.
and im pissed,
because i wan tto be a model!
my strangeness never ceases to amaze me.
but yah,
dont have the look,
or the hgiht,
and my parents want to fatten me up,
then i wone even have the bod!
sorry bouit this.
just really needed to vent.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

my birthday sleepover 12/15/07

I had leah and hanna and emily and kali over for my birthday,
it was so fun.
we made t-shirts,
except we bought leah an adult xl instead of ayouth,
so me and her got inside of it together.
and we made a gingerbread...tree. cuz they where sold out of the houses.
and we went shopping, and i got my purple, ghetto fabulous, american eagle, space coat.
we took a katrillion pics,
and where out in the snow at two in the mornin.
they got em a pearl bracelet,
it is totally adorable!
my parents havnt gotten me anything,
they said i cant get a chanel purse cuz im 16...
they are uber insane.
well yah, anyways,
we had soooooooooooooo much fun.
We threw marshmellows at each other, and i put one down emily's boob,
and she didnt realize till 3 freakin hours later!
loved it!!!!!!!
we went to the movie rental place in our pjs, even though my dad said we would get raped.
we took a video of us doin fake model wlks in the middle of the store,
god we are wierd.
we ate at bangkok bistro, it was so funny,
cuz we hadnt told leah's parents they would be there,
but they showed up while we where eating.
so yah,
it was obviouly uber fun!
yay my birthday.
<3 Anna.

Friday, December 14, 2007

tomorow is my brithday.

Well tomorow is my brithday, and i have nothin to d today.
so i think i am going to explain the people iin my life to you, so you know who i am talking about.
Well there are my bffs:
Leah- gorgeous half japanese, tall, inverted bob, funky, ridicuolus, acts like she is 5.
Hannah- Short legs, really funny, needs to stragihten her hair more often, soemtimes we fight, but i lover her.
emily- blonde, big boobs, bitchy like me, likes to shop (like me)
erica- lives in ny, tall, skinny, black hair, tomboy bffs since pre k.

kali- used to be bffs
dani- my height brown hair, takes to many pics.
sam- can be an ass, short, does grafittie and skates
wagner- short, cute hair, skater
zach- cute, funny, smart, he hs got it going on
max- cute-ish, hlarious and mean
jake- hilarious fucktard.
nathan- tall, looks like a horse, nathan the "best"
benji- emily an leah want me to date him, looks a little like zach
maayan- used to go to my scool, on my bball team

other people in my grade:
alison- aka connie, blonde, on the bigger side
elana- 68 fucking lbs, short bob, kind of annoying
molly- wow....
jonah- aka jonas, tall, pale, blonde, giant scary eyes, funny hair, insanley smart, stutters.
alex- half black, thinks he is %100, tries to act cute, has a mini afro, wears a pick in it.
zeke- aka ezekial tabyas garfinlkemeister plysmer- skipped a grade, weird, not gay, contarary to popular beleif.

i think thats everyone.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hannah Montana.

Went to the hannah montana concert, what do you know, my friend, hannah, hapened to be the one who took us.
it was uber cool, and i got anew outfit for it... but i realized....
miley cyrus is a slut, and bit of abitch.
you could just tell from the way she danced, the faces she made, her mannerisms
i have afeelig she is nothing like miley stewrt from her tv show,
well, i yah,
thats all.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hanuka Party.

yes Wednesday,
of course you are thinking... what is she talking about? but today was a special wednesday at school. We had a hanuka party, our grade was in charge. we where tehre basically all day, slacking off, not doing our jobs, i was amazing! The only class we had ws gym, we played handball, Leah's dad taught it. We got i so much truble from mts. gehri, because we, as in me, alisson, leah, and zach, decided not to got o lunch, to eat in the lounge, and stay there.
SHE CAME LOOKING FOR US! can you beleive it? at any normal school they wouldnt have noticed , but having 200 kids in your school, they notice these things. lol.
it was so ridiculous. oh well, i got my juicy couture purse, it is amazing, i lalso got white ray-bans from my g-ma for hnuka and my birthday, and a new outfit from forever 21.
well, my birthday is on Saturday, tomorow is Leah's and Friday is Zachs, Saturday is also Jonah's, ughh, but w.e
i like mine better.
well g2g study fro my social studies test tomorw, and the geography bee.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


we had our first game.
of course,
we lost.
i think.
i made 8 points at least!
yay me!
o well.
went to forever 21,
5 things for $68!
love that store.
im rly scared for my hanuka present my dad picket it out.
o well, g2g biees.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

isabella's bat mitzva.

bat-mitzvahs usually are.
of course, it was insane.
she had airbrush hats, pics, rhinestone tanktops, and even airbrush tatoos.
she had two dresses. an entrance dress, long, white, intircate beading on the bodice, poufy skirt, like a weddin gown.
and she also had ashor silver dress, im pretty sure i saw it on saks. but im not sure.
well yah, it was fun.
there was a lot of drama, caused by jake.
and some other people.
middle school can be quite the bitch.
at lest today i got to go to tiffany. got an adorable ring, and necklace, they are amazing.
well, thats all.

Friday, December 7, 2007

got a haircut.

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got a haircut....
with bangs!
oh yah.
tell me whatch think!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

oooh, i almost fogot.

there are two boys i like,
on more than the other,
thank god they are both single.
since was just recently had a breakup,
now, im not the best flirt,
trying to impress someone,
alwys makes me say,
the wrong things.
my question.
can a girl ask out a boy?
especially aboy she asked out 2 years ago? ut was rejecyed by?
if they re boh diferent ppl now?
i sure hope so!
im beggiing you.
if i know you,
or if you just happen to stumble upon my blog....
answer me question.
for loves sake.


i should post more,
shouldnt i?
well what can i say,
my life is extremely boring,
try going to a school with 15 kids...
in your grade!
its torture,
there is now way to have more than like 6 friends,
and no more than like 3 tha you actually hang with.
i suppose te most excitig thing i do every day,
is wait for my bat-mitzva response cards.
anyone wanna come?
soryy i have no life.
fuck da 'nati,
especially wyoming.
we cant i live in amberly,
or sycamore,
or ny?
cuz my parents are convinced that my social life is just fine.
sadly thouh, they are misaken.
oh welll,
i'll shut up,
oh btw, if you wnna chill one time, and i actually know you,
and we dont usually hang,
as i said before,
my social life definetly
has room for imporevemnt.
p.s the pic is my dress from erica's bat mitzva.
its LaROK, yay!!!!