Thursday, February 28, 2008

dumb song wrote in 5 minutes, so not that good

I wanna write you a song.
I wanna sing it to you.
I wanna write you a song.
I want you to know my feeling are true.

I want you to know the way i feel.
I want you to feel the same.
But i dont know what i gotta do.
Cause cupid doesnt have a very good aim...

Maybe I'll sing it out loud.
Let you hear my feelings,
And stand tall and proud.
And just maybe,
you'll smile, and come running to me.
And then finally, I can be Happy.

I guess i'm a little shy,
but maybe you are to?
We both try to hide our feelings,
So theres no pain for us to go through.

But i suppose i should take the lunge,
and just tell you how i feel.
I guess i can deal with rejection,
Even though i'm head over heels.

Maybe I'll sing it out loud.
Let you hear my feelings,
When i sing i'll stand tall and proud.
And just maybe,
you'll smile, and come running to me.
And then finally, I can be Happy.
I just wanna be happy,
with you.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

this is also on style mauraders by me.... so check it out

We all hate stereotypes. And lately, they have been showing up in teenage fashion more and more. Goths, preps, punks? Many of these stereotypes aren’t even correct. Prep, in literal terms, is a person attending prep school. So how is Abercrombie considered prep? I’ve certainly never heard of a prep school where too short shorts, and logo tees were part of the uniform. That's because there are none. They wear plaid skirts, and blazers. And a real punk? Plaid, fishnets and camo. Now what most people consider to be punk [or scene] is bright skinnies and hello kitty. It’s ridiculous. The worst part is the feuds between them all. If a hoard of avid Hollister shoppers walk past Hot Topic, they are guaranteed to receive smirks and giggles from the “punks” who think they re so much better and unoriginal, when truthfully they are all wearing the same.
I really dont get it. Why can't people dress more to express themselves, to show their feelings? Or to show whats important to them? As opposed to conforming to what everyone else wears, just beacuse everyone else wears it. It is true, no mater how hard we try to be original, we will still end up like everyone else. But its the thouht that counts.Right?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


today was pretty good.
extra good since i didnt eat that much.

my outfit:

go comment my oscars post.
one down

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar's Fashion

WARNING: I'm sorry, please dont call this unoriginal, EVERYONE will be talking about the same dresses, and i got my pictures from fabsugar, please dont eat me for it!

I found there to be quite alack of originality with the dresses, many of them where very simply, nice, but nothing amazing.
Here are ten dresses that caught my eyes, some in good, but mostly in bad.

Free Image Hosting at
WORST- Tilda Swinton. Lanvin? Thats pretty hard to believe, It looks like she took an old black velvet curtain, pinned it to herself, and cut of an arm.

Picture Hosting for Ebay at
Anne Hathaway- Well, I like the color on her but in my opinion, this Marchesa gown is a no-no. I mean, I love big flowers sewn onto my dress, who doesnt? But something about this dress, is awkward, and unflattering.

Free Image Hosting at
Jennifer Hudon- Hmmmm.... I'm iffy on this. Do I love it, or hate it? I mean, we gotta giver Jennifer some props for going with whit.e But the top half of her dress, seems a bit too tight. But i just cant get over how that brilliant Roberto Cavalli dress looks with her beautiful skin.

Upload Photos at
Nicole Kidman- Ahhh, a simle black dress, but wait, oh no, attack of the necklaces! I'm not sure if she is trying to take away from the baby bump, or just wants to show of her mad money, but whatever the plan, its working! You barely even notice her L'Wren Scott gown.

Photo Hosting at
Ellen Page- I loved Juno, But anyone who saw it knows, Ellen Page isn't the most fashionable of the bunch but still. Her vintage Jean Louis Scherrer dress is just so damn frumpy. She's so cute, but her dress doesn't show off her fun personality at all.

Upload Pictures at
Marion Cotillard- A beatiful dress, on a beautful girl, but there is one thing I cant get over. What is up with those gold scale-esque things? Its like she was attacked by a mermiad! But I think I like this Jean Paul Gaultier bit to much to let that bother me.

Image Hosting at
Saoirse Ronan- Its true, this Alberta Ferretti has some beautiful detailing but the dress, the color, and her tight pulled back har, seem to scream out PETER PAN!

Free Ebay Image Hosting at
Cameron Diaz- As I mentioned before, there where many simple dresses, but this one was my favorite. This light pink Dior has an almost origami effect to it. Once again, Cameron made simple, sexy.

Free Image Hosting at
Hilary Swank- Oooh, Donatella Versace sure got it right with this one. It is absolutely stunning, and sophisticated, perfect for Hilary.

Photo Hosting at
FAVE- Penelope Cruz- Omigawd, i would sell me soul for this Chanel dress. It is wild and crazy, but also eye-catching and classic. I could stare at the details for hours. And to top it all off, the girl wearing it is pretty damn gorgeous too.

RED DRESS: Which one do YOU like best?

Photo Hosting for MySpace at
I like- Katherine Heigl's Escada dress fits her curves perfectly, its sexy, subtle, and RED.

Free Ebay Image Hosting at
Hedi Klum- This John Galliano dress is a little to bold for my taste, i love the neckline, just not paired with a to-the-floor-gown. But I gotta give it to her, Hedi sure pulled it off.

Image Hosting at
Miley Cyrus- In case you havn't noticed, Miley has definitely been trying to grow up real fast fashion-wise. But this is just to much, Miley is to young for this gorgeous Valentino Gown. She doesn't have the curves you need to rock this dress.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


its my first ever attempt,
at making my own clothe
so please dont look at me in a different [bad] way, haha.
it is extremely simple.
but oppinions please,
i dont know if i like it enough to wear it...
or want to rip it up.
[keep in mind, i've never sewn before]

Ignore my head.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Breakfast At Tiffany's.

Well maybe I havn't actually seen it yet...
But i did rent it last night,
and plan to force Leah to watch it with me tonight.
But just the cover,
is inspiring.
Simple, yet Audrey Hepburn's stunning features breathe life into it.
So I was inspired, to make some outfits.
My own, ever so slightly more modern,
attempts at an outfit,
worthy of being worn by the one and only Audrey Hepburn.

Image Hosting at
click to enlarge, well to enlarge little.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


nothing new yet today,
except i got in trouble at school today,
oh well.
teachers hate me and zach,
its not our faults,
they just dont like us.

oh well,
now its outfit time

cardigan: thrift shop
tee- forever 21
skirt- forever 21

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Over the long weekend,
i went to maayans house,
and met some of her friends
one was Zoe, who looks like Chanel Iman... Look! [ u cant rly see in the pics, but in real life...]

- Chanel Iman

- Zoe.

Then Saturday was Nathan's bar mitzvah, i wore tis to the party since it was dressy casual...

then sunday was basketball, we lost bad, and i accidently hit the ref in the head. haha
and monday we wnt skiing, me and leah and emily went down a black diamond, but at a "real" ski resort, that like a blue.
o well.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nicole Richie


nicole Richie,
her style never ceases to amaze me,
its chic, effortless, and looks like she rolled out of bed and simply threw on her clothes [happening to create an amazing outfit]
She can even pull off the whole, i didn't brush my hair, but i put it up" look.
Her outfits are always extreemyl simple, with crazy accesories, she doesn't follow the trends,
and that why we ALL love her style!
And yes, i know,
everyone loves her style, this is no original post, but i just needed to spread the love!

Ways to dress like the one and only NICOLE RICHIE.
  • basic tanks, and tees [american apparel, durrr]

  • skinny jeans

  • shorts

  • tights

  • a leather jacket

  • oversized bags, and LOTS!

  • boots and sandals, opt for heels.

  • crazy sunglasses

  • sarves, scarves, and more scarves [check out urban outfitters and forever 21]

  • and of course... a cutie like joel madden!
  • Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    Jewish Jewelry.

    First of all,
    i'm jewish, so don't take offense by this title,
    I just seemed to notice,
    I seem to have a total obsession with well,
    so do some stores,
    for example,
    "Snap Boutique" here in Cincinnati,
    and even Kitson.
    and no,
    I don't mean jewish stars,
    I mean the Chamsa, or Hamsa, meant to ward of evil.

    Free Ebay Image Hosting at
    My Necklace from a gift shop.

    A few examples [all from there are even more on the site, just search "hamsa" ]
    Free Image Hosting at
    Picture Hosting for Ebay at

    Saturday, February 9, 2008

    Body's exhibit.

    Outfit for today...
    Top- Women's Footlocker
    Jeans- U.O
    Belt- Leah.
    Scarf- Valley Thrift

    We were planning ALL weekend,
    to go saturday.
    i slept over leah's house last night,
    she went to syngagogue,
    i went to Hannah's.
    then her and Emily joined us.
    we went.
    the line was SOOOO FUCKING LONG!
    It went all the way around the lobby,
    and spiraled in towards ticket counter,
    the line would have taken hourse!
    So we left.
    we drove around aimlessly,
    belting out to the songs on xm radio,
    until i decided we would go to starbucks and ponder.
    Sarah had this random business card in ehr car,
    for "Loralei's something."
    lol, cant remember.
    well it was so funy,
    we kept calling thinking it was for teenagers,
    then we found it it was the same as Libby Lue's,
    so we went to the mad hatter. to paint pottery.
    and mine sucked, and hannah broke hers.
    It was pretty sick.
    well thats all.

    btw, Minestroni Soup = Amazing!!!!

    Friday, February 8, 2008


    I've decided, that my blog is dreadfully childlike.
    I don't talk like myself, i mindlessly type,
    and seem like quite the moron.
    I also plan to start posting my outfits.

    well anyways,
    today me and leah went to valley thrift.
    leah got a coach purse- $20
    i got some cool shoes, a scarf,a sweater, and a coverup/dress- all $11
    great steal, huh?
    we then went to tri-county mall,
    i got a bunch of plain tees
    and some shorts.
    now we are at leah's.
    we are having sushi and fondue.
    such a strange mix.
    o well.

    heres my outfit fer today...

    Free Image Hosting at
    skirt- XX1
    tights- u.o

    whad'ya think?

    Saturday, February 2, 2008

    omg, movies.

    after a horribly long amount of time,
    where NO good movies came out,
    2 did!!!!
    juno- saw it for the second time today, kept hitting leah during it.
    the eye- so awesome. it was real funny cuz leah bit emily,
    and she ad to pee, but we didnt let her.

    today went to tri county mll w. leah,
    got a bikini at abercrombie kids.
    it was hilarious,
    cuz i needed a small [[kids sizes]] on the top.

    and it was free aunti anne's pretzel dy,
    so we got free cincimon sugar ones! yaya.
    and i bought stuff.

    emily bought "real prep" clothes.
    we where her advisors,
    well hats all for now.