Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Fever.

Ah, god, ive been waiting for so long for spring. I wouldnt say its here yet neccesarily, i was freezing in my skirt, and spring break isnt for 3 more weeks, but its close enough.
Well anyways, this is my new springy, hot pink, bold and beautiful, skirt.
i got 3 compliments on it. 2 by strangers. ahaha.
oh well,
here is my lovely outfit for today, trying to mic good girl [pink skirt] with bad girl [hard rock cafe tee]

i;m not sure how i feel about the skirt, i think it made me look, not fat, but like, large. idk haha.

anyways, my day? it kinda sucked. well no, it DID suck.
the whole "anorexic bitch" thing from Jake was driving me bonkers, he went on about it ll day, so now we arent talking. Hannah is going along with him, telling him everything we say about him, and now shes mad at us. I truly dont know who my real friends are, or if i even HAVE any real friends. except for Leah. Emily is like my friend on Tuesdays only, for some reason. Hannah is apparently Jake obsessed, Zach is getting WAY to cocky, and starting to mind control Jonah, Jake is obviosuly an ass, he called Emily a slut, and told Leah she was "a tall asian dork boy following dumb shit" god, i hate him, hes so ugly, inside and out.
so ya, my day has sucked. and now my computer is really dirty, and we are out of computer "safe" wipes. fuckshitfuck,
and L.aA us in two weeks, yay! and nay, what will Jake say when he sees me in a bikini? he already told me yetserday that it will be disgusting, and that i'm all boney and anorexic. he's so naive, he needs to meet an actual anorexic, gosh, i hate immature people....


1234 said...

wow sounds like a tough day. it sucks that your spring break is so far away...but i love your skirt! it doesnt make you look big, i really like the volume of it actually.

because im addicted said...

love the red skirt!

Sydney Speel said...

:( you are not anorexic! aghh you are just naturally thin!

love the red skirt by the way. gorgeous colour.

Eliza said...

i know how you feel ... kids tease me and make fun all the time because i'm a vegetarian, they just don't know how to accept different walks of life. you have to rise against what they say and do what you want.

different strokes for different folks!

i'm having a hippie phase :)

i really like your skirt! don't worry so much about whether you look fat or not because you can tell from pictures that you're very skinny so you really have no need to worry about that kind of thing... i have a navy-ish skirt just like that from urban outfitters i wear it all the time its great!

and the color is very springy. nicee'

xoxo, Eliza

p.s. maybe you haven''t been reading my blog but anyway i haven't posted in a while but im thinking about doing an outfit post. or at least pictures of some of my favorite items of clothing :) so please read!!! thanks

Miu Miu said...

Cute skirt :)

bianca banca said...

OMG I love your red skirt! IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!! you're adorable!
and thank you so much for the comment!

bianca banca said...

oh yeah...And dont worry about those boys!
You are a tiny beautiful girl! you dont have anything to worry about....hahah when you said "jake was driving me bonkers" that made me laugh, some of my friends call me bonkers.

Sammie said...

ugh, sounds like you had a sucky day. i hate immature/rude boys, but since high school started it's been getting less frequent. i love your outfit though! the skirt is to die for.

Molly :] said...

I love your skirt- wheres it from? :) x

lara said...

The skirt is great , I really like this kind ok skirts :)

Adele said...

i love love love your outfit! its way to cold to wear spring clothes here!! lolx

because im addicted said...

love the red skirt! it kind of looks like the green skirt i posted today that mk wore in nylon!

Sammie said...

thanks. yeah, i've tried oragnic apple juice, it's pretty good.

taffy. said...

anna, you are much. too. cute.
and you're skinny.
everyone else is just a bitch.

emsie said...

amazing outfit. love the skirt!

tryingtobeme said...

aww I think your super cute and I think Jake's a doosh!!:D

Anonymous said...

where's the skirt from? tell! tell! tell!

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