Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Never mind.

I don't need a break.
I will post you this video instead.
Its me, wishing i could model walk, in my cute new shoes.


Natalie said...

Yaay fun video! I'm glad you're not on break.

1234 said...

cute dress! where is it from?

Ana said...

You are quite pretty and skinny, so model potential actually.
I like your dress. where's it from?

lola729 said...

i like ur dress.
ur walk isnt pretty bad!
wat's ur height?

Anonymous said...

You got some talent! :)

- Dream Out Loud!
. Raspberry

taffy. said...

you're capable!
hurrah, you're back!

stand up straighter
angrier eyes :)
okay, you don't have to take the second tip
or even the first...

i'm just glad you're back

biancaaa said...

work it girl!
you are adorable as well as your shoes and dress!

Anonymous said...

you can't walk sorry keep practicing

vonnie bee said...

don't listen to that anonymous ass-hole, your walk is really good!

you look pretty tall and you have a model's body, my only critique would be your endings. really sell it at the end. i'd say, watch videos of fashion shows and i think you'll know what i mean.

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