Sunday, January 13, 2008

basketball game! we won!

it was awesome
i made 6 points!!!!
i have been the lead scorer at every game so far!
it was so funny, kali was a jumping jelly bean,
and me and leah ALWAYS had the same amount of fouls.
it was pretty cool.

also i went to the kadima event last night.
we went ice skating, and on a cariage ride,
we waved to everyone and one guy was like "call me baby"

and one guy held out his arms to me and was like "kissy kissy"
it was freaky.
then we went to cheasecake factory, and got cake.
me and emily split a giant chocolate layer thing and tirimasu.

we went to the bowling alley, but there were no games,
so we played the crane game. i dint win anything,
but i got addicted and blew like $10

emily one like 50 things,
i stole one of them, and she chased me around the ouside like 5 times,
i took it home with me at the end.

we played like dodgeball and stuff too,

and catchphrase,
hannah wouldnt stop laughing, it was HILARIOUS.

but adam was SOOOO annoying.



Natalie said...

I used to play bball!

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