Friday, November 9, 2007


im starting a blog. i have tried tt do this like katrillion times, but i think since i hve my own computer now, i will actually write on mine. no i PROMISE i will.

so back to me. i REALLY hope some people will read my blog, and comment me and all that fun shit. i'll basically just write bout my life and all tat crap, u know? but i'll try to make it interesting. i mean what is more interesting than the life of agirl who cant evend rive ye, and doesn tlive in new york, and doesnt have a boyfriend, [cuz a few monts agoo she dumped her boyfriend of nine months.]

i wcant post any pics for just a tad bit of time to....
since i sorta


my camera. hehe : ]



i have a mac, so u might see the ocasional pic... like this one...
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just so u know who you are dealin with.

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