Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alex's Bat- Mitzvah.

went to alex's tody.
uber fun,
but i feel like she stole half my ideas...
even thoug se didnt know them.
i got a enw camera!!!!!
now i can post more pics.
it was so weird at the party, i hung out with so many ppl,
and met a bunch of wyoming ppl, which was way nice.
i got a henna tatoo,
its the shape of the jesus fish...
but it says gefilte on the inside!!!!
its hilarious!!!!
i love it.
i cant wait
to go to wyoming.
it will be so great,
i think some ppl actually liked me,
sry this post isnt funy,
im a tad tired,
and they cant all be funny.
well im tired
heres some prty pics,


Ana said...

looks like you had fun...
cute dress
comment me back

KALI!! said...

i like it.
it was a tad boring.
oh welllll

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