Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mckenzie's bat- mitzvah.

yah, so i just got back from mckenzies bat-mitzvah. kali texted me this afternoon, and asked if i wanted to go with her, and i did, so we went. it was like uber nice, my mom even let me go to snap to buy a new dress. they had an ic bar, so ema, kali, benji, and ethan kept going up and rubbing it, and me nad benji had a contest to see who could keep their hand on it longer.
i won. they had wax hands, airbrush tattoos(i got one that means love in chinese on my riht wrist.) tons of ppl were dancing, but they were all from ccds, so we didnt want to dance with them. it was soooo facy tho, some ppl were wearing gowns, one of the girls, kali thouht she lloked like se was going to a hetto prom. mckenzie and her sisters were drop-dead-gorgeous, them, and leah and her sister need to go model, like right now. lol, i would love to join them with that, my like big dream is to be a model, bt im not really meant to model, u got have this certin look, in your face when i try to do that look, i just look stoned, and no one wants a person that looks like a druggie representing their clothes, so, i'll just be a abuyer at som department store.
o well.

nitey nite.



p.s this is a pic of me in my dress:

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