Saturday, February 9, 2008

Body's exhibit.

Outfit for today...
Top- Women's Footlocker
Jeans- U.O
Belt- Leah.
Scarf- Valley Thrift

We were planning ALL weekend,
to go saturday.
i slept over leah's house last night,
she went to syngagogue,
i went to Hannah's.
then her and Emily joined us.
we went.
the line was SOOOO FUCKING LONG!
It went all the way around the lobby,
and spiraled in towards ticket counter,
the line would have taken hourse!
So we left.
we drove around aimlessly,
belting out to the songs on xm radio,
until i decided we would go to starbucks and ponder.
Sarah had this random business card in ehr car,
for "Loralei's something."
lol, cant remember.
well it was so funy,
we kept calling thinking it was for teenagers,
then we found it it was the same as Libby Lue's,
so we went to the mad hatter. to paint pottery.
and mine sucked, and hannah broke hers.
It was pretty sick.
well thats all.

btw, Minestroni Soup = Amazing!!!!


Natalie said...

That's cute. I like the scarf!

Wendy said...

Nice outfit, I like the pops of color!

Marilyn Hayward said...

I loveee your outfit...mine is kind of similar today, actually! I'd like to link me back?

Marilyn Hayward said...

ah it's quite easy! When you edit your layout you can add a page element. There are many different elements you can add, but to list your fave websites or link other people's blogs, add a link list. It's pretty easy from there!

Karine said...

Hi thereeee!!!!


Sammie said...

cute outfit, i really like the bright shirt & the scarf

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