Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nicole Richie


nicole Richie,
her style never ceases to amaze me,
its chic, effortless, and looks like she rolled out of bed and simply threw on her clothes [happening to create an amazing outfit]
She can even pull off the whole, i didn't brush my hair, but i put it up" look.
Her outfits are always extreemyl simple, with crazy accesories, she doesn't follow the trends,
and that why we ALL love her style!
And yes, i know,
everyone loves her style, this is no original post, but i just needed to spread the love!

Ways to dress like the one and only NICOLE RICHIE.
  • basic tanks, and tees [american apparel, durrr]

  • skinny jeans

  • shorts

  • tights

  • a leather jacket

  • oversized bags, and LOTS!

  • boots and sandals, opt for heels.

  • crazy sunglasses

  • sarves, scarves, and more scarves [check out urban outfitters and forever 21]

  • and of course... a cutie like joel madden!

    Jill said...

    I don't really follow her style, but it has a simple feel that means others can replicate it.

    Wendy said...

    Nicole's style is really cool and every outfit seems to exert this level of sophistication.

    bianca banca said...

    yay. lets link!!

    N. said...

    Nicole Richie's style is so effortless, i love it. wanna link up?

    Marilyn Hayward said...

    She does always look really effortless and exudes carelessness along with it. It's funny how we all calculate fashion so much only in hopes of looking like we haven't put any thought into it at all haha.

    Caroline said...

    she is for sure the epitome of effortless.

    STYLE M.O.B said...

    anna! hey its me! courtney from my space!

    i adore your blog!!!

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