Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar's Fashion

WARNING: I'm sorry, please dont call this unoriginal, EVERYONE will be talking about the same dresses, and i got my pictures from fabsugar, please dont eat me for it!

I found there to be quite alack of originality with the dresses, many of them where very simply, nice, but nothing amazing.
Here are ten dresses that caught my eyes, some in good, but mostly in bad.

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WORST- Tilda Swinton. Lanvin? Thats pretty hard to believe, It looks like she took an old black velvet curtain, pinned it to herself, and cut of an arm.

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Anne Hathaway- Well, I like the color on her but in my opinion, this Marchesa gown is a no-no. I mean, I love big flowers sewn onto my dress, who doesnt? But something about this dress, is awkward, and unflattering.

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Jennifer Hudon- Hmmmm.... I'm iffy on this. Do I love it, or hate it? I mean, we gotta giver Jennifer some props for going with whit.e But the top half of her dress, seems a bit too tight. But i just cant get over how that brilliant Roberto Cavalli dress looks with her beautiful skin.

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Nicole Kidman- Ahhh, a simle black dress, but wait, oh no, attack of the necklaces! I'm not sure if she is trying to take away from the baby bump, or just wants to show of her mad money, but whatever the plan, its working! You barely even notice her L'Wren Scott gown.

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Ellen Page- I loved Juno, But anyone who saw it knows, Ellen Page isn't the most fashionable of the bunch but still. Her vintage Jean Louis Scherrer dress is just so damn frumpy. She's so cute, but her dress doesn't show off her fun personality at all.

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Marion Cotillard- A beatiful dress, on a beautful girl, but there is one thing I cant get over. What is up with those gold scale-esque things? Its like she was attacked by a mermiad! But I think I like this Jean Paul Gaultier bit to much to let that bother me.

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Saoirse Ronan- Its true, this Alberta Ferretti has some beautiful detailing but the dress, the color, and her tight pulled back har, seem to scream out PETER PAN!

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Cameron Diaz- As I mentioned before, there where many simple dresses, but this one was my favorite. This light pink Dior has an almost origami effect to it. Once again, Cameron made simple, sexy.

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Hilary Swank- Oooh, Donatella Versace sure got it right with this one. It is absolutely stunning, and sophisticated, perfect for Hilary.

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FAVE- Penelope Cruz- Omigawd, i would sell me soul for this Chanel dress. It is wild and crazy, but also eye-catching and classic. I could stare at the details for hours. And to top it all off, the girl wearing it is pretty damn gorgeous too.

RED DRESS: Which one do YOU like best?

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I like- Katherine Heigl's Escada dress fits her curves perfectly, its sexy, subtle, and RED.

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Hedi Klum- This John Galliano dress is a little to bold for my taste, i love the neckline, just not paired with a to-the-floor-gown. But I gotta give it to her, Hedi sure pulled it off.

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Miley Cyrus- In case you havn't noticed, Miley has definitely been trying to grow up real fast fashion-wise. But this is just to much, Miley is to young for this gorgeous Valentino Gown. She doesn't have the curves you need to rock this dress.


Elle said...

Haha, i'll probably do a post on this too, so don't think you're unoriginal.
Aw, I like Saiorse's dress! :)
but i agree about tilda's- really not attractive at all- though her acceptance speech was the only funny one

Cordie said...

i did an oscar post too, haha its just too much fun.
I agree on most-except i though jennifer hudson looked horrific, and that saiorse looked perfect. oh, and i think ellen looked great too--she never does anything crazy and i like that.

Adele said...

Marion Cotillard was best dressed for me... i was also very disapointed with Ellen Pages dress... i was hoping for something really funky.
With Miley... that dress was amazing and it looks fantastic on her, i dont think her age matters... people say oh that dress is to short and stuff but i dont know what else she could wear? anyway i think she looked really weird with her makeup and hair like that lolx

Adele said...

lmao! im like totally flat to. Yeah i know what you mean the dress would better one an older... taller lady.. but non the less the dress was adorable :)

Wendy said...

Penelope looked so amazing!

Marie said...

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