Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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We all hate stereotypes. And lately, they have been showing up in teenage fashion more and more. Goths, preps, punks? Many of these stereotypes aren’t even correct. Prep, in literal terms, is a person attending prep school. So how is Abercrombie considered prep? I’ve certainly never heard of a prep school where too short shorts, and logo tees were part of the uniform. That's because there are none. They wear plaid skirts, and blazers. And a real punk? Plaid, fishnets and camo. Now what most people consider to be punk [or scene] is bright skinnies and hello kitty. It’s ridiculous. The worst part is the feuds between them all. If a hoard of avid Hollister shoppers walk past Hot Topic, they are guaranteed to receive smirks and giggles from the “punks” who think they re so much better and unoriginal, when truthfully they are all wearing the same.
I really dont get it. Why can't people dress more to express themselves, to show their feelings? Or to show whats important to them? As opposed to conforming to what everyone else wears, just beacuse everyone else wears it. It is true, no mater how hard we try to be original, we will still end up like everyone else. But its the thouht that counts.Right?


Susan said...

People want to be "different" but they're too scared to be too different. If you get me. I like your blog btw, you are highly stylish.

STYLE M.O.B said...

yea i agree with u!

and i get most of the big lettered shirts at h&m =)

Marissa said...

that's really true.
like, society has mutated all the real fashion meanings into all this other stuff.

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