Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hanuka Party.

yes Wednesday,
of course you are thinking... what is she talking about? but today was a special wednesday at school. We had a hanuka party, our grade was in charge. we where tehre basically all day, slacking off, not doing our jobs, i was amazing! The only class we had ws gym, we played handball, Leah's dad taught it. We got i so much truble from mts. gehri, because we, as in me, alisson, leah, and zach, decided not to got o lunch, to eat in the lounge, and stay there.
SHE CAME LOOKING FOR US! can you beleive it? at any normal school they wouldnt have noticed , but having 200 kids in your school, they notice these things. lol.
it was so ridiculous. oh well, i got my juicy couture purse, it is amazing, i lalso got white ray-bans from my g-ma for hnuka and my birthday, and a new outfit from forever 21.
well, my birthday is on Saturday, tomorow is Leah's and Friday is Zachs, Saturday is also Jonah's, ughh, but w.e
i like mine better.
well g2g study fro my social studies test tomorw, and the geography bee.


Tara said...

Sounds like loads of fun =]
By the way happy early birthday!

Natalie said...

They came LOOKING for you? Woow.

Happy early birthday!!

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