Saturday, December 29, 2007

in ny.

nothing new.
i went to h and m though.
i got three pairs of pants.
all high-waisted-ish.
and a bunch of tops,
and two headbands.
but one is waaaaay too small for my head.
thats all.


Natalie said...

I looove H and M!!! I went there once when I was in NY, did you go to the one in Soho?

When I was there, I was walking out of the store, and a man was walking into, and he grabbed my arm, and then let go. It was so weird!

He looked like a gangsta.

Happy New YEEAAR!

Tara said...

Happy New Year =]
H&M is lovelyy.

And Natalie,
that comment is why I <3 youu
Your hilarious xD

Sydney Speel said...

hey! i'm natalie's bud haha! i love your blog! H&M is so much fun! do you want to trade links?

merry christmas & happy new year!

natalie! that happened to my sister once ! he was a hobo though.

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