Friday, December 14, 2007

tomorow is my brithday.

Well tomorow is my brithday, and i have nothin to d today.
so i think i am going to explain the people iin my life to you, so you know who i am talking about.
Well there are my bffs:
Leah- gorgeous half japanese, tall, inverted bob, funky, ridicuolus, acts like she is 5.
Hannah- Short legs, really funny, needs to stragihten her hair more often, soemtimes we fight, but i lover her.
emily- blonde, big boobs, bitchy like me, likes to shop (like me)
erica- lives in ny, tall, skinny, black hair, tomboy bffs since pre k.

kali- used to be bffs
dani- my height brown hair, takes to many pics.
sam- can be an ass, short, does grafittie and skates
wagner- short, cute hair, skater
zach- cute, funny, smart, he hs got it going on
max- cute-ish, hlarious and mean
jake- hilarious fucktard.
nathan- tall, looks like a horse, nathan the "best"
benji- emily an leah want me to date him, looks a little like zach
maayan- used to go to my scool, on my bball team

other people in my grade:
alison- aka connie, blonde, on the bigger side
elana- 68 fucking lbs, short bob, kind of annoying
molly- wow....
jonah- aka jonas, tall, pale, blonde, giant scary eyes, funny hair, insanley smart, stutters.
alex- half black, thinks he is %100, tries to act cute, has a mini afro, wears a pick in it.
zeke- aka ezekial tabyas garfinlkemeister plysmer- skipped a grade, weird, not gay, contarary to popular beleif.

i think thats everyone.


Natalie said...

I have those glasses in red!

Tara said...

Happy Birthday =]

Ana said...

loves your glasses

68lbs? jeezz im your age and im nowhere near 68lbs. haha how tall is she tho?

ashley said...

cute outfit!
have a great birthday :)

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

Your rocking those sunnies!!!

Nicole Then said...

love this outfit. rockin it and well, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY.

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