Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i hate christmas.

Just as mr. kapitan [[my latin teacher]]
would day,
i hate christmas.
although he likes to tell the world in adifferent way,
he yells it out and pounds his fist on the desk,
while i sit and mope about it.
he and i hate it for different easons.
he hates it because his birthday is three days before,
which leads to unfair amout of presents.
i hate it because it is insanely dull and humdrum,
when you are jewish.
i mean, cmon.
how much chinese food can you possible eat?
how many movies can you possible see?
[[although, i did see juno which was excellent.]]
of course...
to show off my jewish pride,
i made sure to wear my "everyone loves a jewish girl." tshirt.
also people think jews get more presents because we have 8 nights,
not true.
we get less sometimes,
because not all of ours are as extavagant.
o well.
just needed to to tell you,
that i hate x-mas.
but on a happier note.
how was yours?


Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

I was kinda feeling that way about xmas this year...

Kali said...

this has got to be my favorite one yet!!

Natalie said...

Man, that sucks. At least you get 8 wonderful days though! And the movie theaters are empty!

Happy New Year!

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