Tuesday, December 4, 2007

oooh, i almost fogot.

there are two boys i like,
on more than the other,
thank god they are both single.
since was just recently had a breakup,
now, im not the best flirt,
trying to impress someone,
alwys makes me say,
the wrong things.
my question.
can a girl ask out a boy?
especially aboy she asked out 2 years ago? ut was rejecyed by?
if they re boh diferent ppl now?
i sure hope so!
im beggiing you.
if i know you,
or if you just happen to stumble upon my blog....
answer me question.
for loves sake.


Kali! said...

who are the 2 men you likee??

Natalie said...

Ask him out! Go for it! Take the plunge. Wyoming does sound boring, I'd know. I have relatives there so I have to visit during the summer. Cody. They're all nice, but the town? Yikes! I live in a big city. Stir up some drama. Play the spin the bottle at your bat mitzvah. Or is that bad for a religious party? Go for it. Small town people should be bad, they're is nothing much else to do.

Marissa said...

You should ask him out! Seriously, like Natalie said, you might as well. Because even if he does say no, you can like the other guy.

By the way, I'm Marissa.
I saw your blog from Natalie's.
And I think your blog is really cute.

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