Saturday, December 8, 2007

isabella's bat mitzva.

bat-mitzvahs usually are.
of course, it was insane.
she had airbrush hats, pics, rhinestone tanktops, and even airbrush tatoos.
she had two dresses. an entrance dress, long, white, intircate beading on the bodice, poufy skirt, like a weddin gown.
and she also had ashor silver dress, im pretty sure i saw it on saks. but im not sure.
well yah, it was fun.
there was a lot of drama, caused by jake.
and some other people.
middle school can be quite the bitch.
at lest today i got to go to tiffany. got an adorable ring, and necklace, they are amazing.
well, thats all.


Ana said...

oooo her entrance dress sounds nice. omg i love bat mitzvahs soo much....

Ana said...

btw i LOVE the russian hat

Natalie said...

Sounds fun.

Jake? Drama?

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