Monday, March 24, 2008

The Beatles.

I dont get it.
I have spent the last 13 years of my life having Beatle's music shoved down my throat.
And all in a sudden, last year, i actually began to enjoy it.
And as of Last week, i'm completely obsessed. I have no idea why! Its quite strange...

Some of my favorite Songs at the moment include:
1. Strawberry Fields
2. Come Together
3.Let it Be
3. Revolution
4. 8 Days a Week
5. All You Need Is Love
6. Obla Di Obla Da
7.Eleanor Rigby
8. Maxwell's Silver Hammer
10. We Can Work It Out.

And i couldn't help but notice as i scrolled through the countless pictures that appeared on google images, I noticed they had a very classy, simple look. But I also couldn't help but notice the fact that when they were animated, they were very colorful, just like on the cover of Sg Pepper's Lonely Hearts club Band.
Maybe one day I should try and channel the Beatles as i get dressed in the morning...

Denim on Denim? Ew. But i Love the white suit.

Okay, this is SO following the whole Spring Colors trend. of course, it had nothing to do with that a the time, but the colors, the flowers, how can you NOT think of spring fashion placed onto marching band outfits? [awkward haha]

I dont have much to say about this. It is just there, and crazy. The colors remind me of fall, so if this fall, crazy mismatched stripeyness comes in style, i'll know where to look for inspiration.


stephane said...

i love bob Dylan


i love the funky cool colors from the beetles! and I'm not so sure about denim on denim, but i guess if one could pull it off.. its okay!

The Clothes Horse said...

Maybe it's a sign of growing up or paying attention to lyrics or something. I mean, the Beatles are a very intellectual band when you get down to it. When I was younger I just liked fun music, now I think things that tell a story or have powerful lyrics.

Cris Lazoru said...

Ohh fun, I really love Eleanor Rigby!


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I have to watch the movie this weekend
love the beatles, they are still so relevant today!

Reggie said...

The beatles are amazing.
I'd love to see you channel them! I'm sure you'd pull it off very nicely!


Reggie said...

The beatles are amazing.
I'd love to see you channel them! I'm sure you'd pull it off very nicely!


addicted said...

the beatles are hand down my favorite band of all time!


thanks for your comment and im definitly going to take into what you said about getting those bright jeans! thanks!

Addison said...

i had the beatles playing all through my childhood, i knew the words but never really liked them. at about 16 i fell in love and its never stopped. Such fantastic lyrics and sounds, oh god i could go on forever!

Ive been on the hunt for the PERFECT red sargent peppers marching jacket ever since, and i cant find anything i like. damn being a perfectionist!

ps. love the blog!

ChiliLady said...

I love how you are obsessed with things constantly.

carina said...

the beatles are sooo good!!

Josefine said...

Take a look at my newstared fashionblog and let yourself get inspire!

ChiliLady said...

Hey, me again - i red here, you wanna be a model? Is that true? if you have questions you can ask me something (I'm a model for 9 months now, lol)

bronwyn said...

I also love The Beatles, they were revolutionary in their day and I think they still continue to influence a lot of new musicians. Nice post:)

Josefine said...

Your blog are great!

♥Lauren♥ said...

i agree with the cloithes horse all the way!

molly said...

im glad youre getting into the beatles...maybe i recommend some of my favourite, deeper (and by "deeper" i mean "more obscure") songs? like "i want you (she's so heavy)", "the end" and "hey bulldog"

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Post again soon! x

Eliza said...

i can play eleanor rigby on the guitar. its really really easy but it's such a good song!

xoxo Elizaaaaaaaa

Adele said...

how coool (& weird as i posted that beatles pic as you noticed!)
my dad is a big beatles fan and i no most of them songs because of him aswell! i think Michelle is so nice! :)

Have you seen the Bob Dylan movie? Iam not there?x so good

WendyB said...

Love the Beatles and Beatles style!

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