Monday, March 10, 2008

Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil.

"If She Doest Scare you, no evil thing will."
Well yes, the multi colored hair, IS a bit frightening...
but you have to giver her props for not being afraid to rock the fur, even with all the fur controversy
Her and PETA suuuuuure wouldn't get along.
But hey, if it wern't for her hatred towards cute innocent puppies, i'm sure we might just look up to her, just a little, for her fashion sense. It is very classic, rich woman. haha.
I am planning on being Cruella for Purim, a jewish holiday where we dress up, yay!
and Leah, who just made a blog, its in my links list, will be Aurey Hepburn. Yum,
i'll make sure to post pics, since purim is only 10 days away.
Well i decided to make a Cruella De Vil outfit on polyvore.
the one the left is the more classic,
and the one on the right is slightly more modernized and a bit less tacky.
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Well Disney. thank you for including some tacky, but still classic like fashion.
I wish she would add some pearsl.


Fashion Ivy said...

Definitely link up

Eliza said...

hey anna my names eliza i read your blog some times love it :) i made one so if you want to come check it out you cann

im 13 too yeahh bitchessss haha

love, eliza

Adele said...

what a great post!! and your just 13 and your already being so creative i love it! i have never looked at cruella de vils fashion! but really thats a nice black dress haha!! great outfits!

Miss Woo said...

I dig the hair, though poor dalmations!

Marie said...

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Person in a Play said...

I am playing Cruella De Vil in a play in my town. It is very fun and I like being able to be a mean person for once. I like your in sights on her fashion. She really does rock the fur coat doesn't she? I can't for my performance tomorrow night! I get to wear a red lace dress and a black fur coat.