Saturday, March 1, 2008

nothing to do with fashion.

I dont get it.
I'm so insanely confused..
Yesterday, me and my friend had an uber small lunch, but we ususally do anwyays,
so our guy friends made a huge deal about it all day!
we had to write a hort story in english class, and one of them wrote about two anorexic girls with our names!
Like WTF?!
im soooooooo not anorexic.
And so later that day I heard him tell my friend that i look anoreixc, and like he's gonna break me if he touches me.
And it was in a way nice to hear that almost,
but i felt like WTF. i eat, i almost DONT DESERVE to look like this.
so am i supposed to eat less or something?
[cause like i eat a normal amount]
cuz then i would DESERVE to have him think that.

oh yah, me outfit for today,
im going shopping!
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"increase the peace" shirt- leah's
jeans- paige
belt- vintage shop
bow- the pink box [aka, the vagina]


Natalie said...

Yikes I don't think that was a compliment... you're a teeny girl, please be careful. You don't need to eat so little!

emsie said...

a really nice outfit, like your belt

Marissa said...

your skinny, but i don't think your anorexic. which is good that your not..

cute outfitt!

bianca banca said...

that can be annoying
I'm not anorexic or sickly thin, but im short, and smallish in general, and i wasnt eating the ice cream cake I made in gourmet class, and the two guys in my group were like...anorexic much?
You are a thin girl, just eat healthy and eat enough calories, and you will be fine!!! dont worry about stupid people!

and really cute outfit, cool belt!

Taffy said...

You look incredibly cute. I found you through one of Natalie's post's comments.
Yes, I write like an idiot, but it would be cool if you read my blog.
I tend to curse, just warning you and I don't know what else to say.

Taffy said...

want to trade links
(i saw this on other people's pages and i have no idea what it means)
what do i do with yours?

Libbi said...

Hya, I know what you mean about It being a kind of compliment kind of insult when they call u anorexic, B4 xmas i went on a diet and my m8s called me anorexic cause i ate almost nothing, but hey my tip - have a normal brecky not much lunch then a normal tea and try not to snack, by doing that i dont think its unhealthy but i totally know it feels!

Like the T

tryingtobeme said...

I don't want to seem like i'm prying but I guess since you blogged it its ok? I dunno I don't really get this blogging thing too much but what those guys are saying is really hurtful but you confuse me when you say stuff like "me and my friend had an uber small lunch, but we ususally do anwyays" and especially " it was in a way nice to hear that almost"....That wasn't supposed to be a compliment? God I hate typing it always seems like I sound really bitchy and I'm sorry if I do I just wanted to say your so incredibly stylish for a 13 year old its inspiring to me-and I'm only 17 which I know isn't that much older but you know! Anyway your so cute and you have a great natural sense of style and don't let anyone make you think your too skinny too fat too anything because it might make you thinkit yourself sometimes..? And your gorgeus!!:D xx

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