Sunday, March 9, 2008

Things to do in the SNOW:

Saturday was RUINED,
well, for the most part,
at least until night time, when Kali came over.
We where snowed in all day,
it was illegal to drive most of the day.
so i wasted my saturday,
but this is what me and kali where able to do in the snow:

  • Light fire to a stick in the middle of the snow

  • "attempt" to make a snow fort

  • Snow Angels

  • make Snow maple candies

  • Sled

  • sled on my mom's real estate signs

  • Try to make a snowman

  • Jump on giant snow mounds and make slam dunks in my baksetball hoop

  • exciting, huh?
    then we watched The Hills Have EyesAfter drinking our diet swiss miss.
    It was a dumb movie,
    we had to pee during the entire thing.
    i didnt wear anything nice all weekend,
    cuz we had like afoot of snow,
    and i ate like so much junk food.
    AND power of the pen got mvoed to next week cuz of the snow,
    i have to wait another week to see if i made it to the next round,


    Marilyn Hayward said...

    Ahh being snowed in. At least it gives you a legitimate excuse for eating junk food and watching horrible movies hah

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