Thursday, March 20, 2008

Floral obsession.

I have been trying to hard to find some cute, different florals.
and where do i find a totally awesome floral jacket?
thrfit shop? no.
forever 21? no.
the one, the only.... bag of clothes from when i was three.
i wore it as a cropped jacket, obviosuly haha.
here it is:

tomorow i will post my purim costume,
and i will tell you about my horrible [ not really, just annoying] week


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT, seriously.

power to kiddie, childhood clothes!

Eliza said...

cutee florals are like my fave trend! i'm a little bit of a hippie... plus they feel so sweet!

i own those shorts from aerie! haha yeahhh

from, eliza

taffy. said...

ah, and your comment did make sense, love.
ah, you always have cute clothes
i def. want to hear about your week.
we'll have a "woe is me" party.

Sydney Speel said...

trade links ?

love your blog!

bronwyn said...

Cute jacket!!!

Live Fabulously said...

love it! it looks great on you. i know urban outfitters had floral hoodys for awhile because we designed them at one of the companies i worked for.

addicted said...

ohh i like it!!

Bocadelobo said...

u remind me the flower power that was a peacefully tendence in the 70's begining of 80's
love it!
nice blog tittle the confesions of...
have a great day!


wow that "cropped jacket" is totally wearble, i would have never guessed it was yours from when you were three! and thats so awsome that ur cousin is a buyer for henri bendel's... do you get to see everything or get everything before it hits the store?

emmi said...

you love europe? i just want to move to usa and just become someone. what is it that you love about it?

Marie said...

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