Thursday, March 13, 2008

Zac Posen Pre Fall

"The dresses are just AMAZING." gushed Leah.
"Gorgous, you need to see them, the Pre Fall Zac Posen Collection."
Leah isnt the type that cares ever so slightly about the latest runway shows, so hearing this from her assured me, this had to be good.
And For once, Leah was right. I loved the dresses, the whole collection was lovely.
Zac said the theme of his collection was "poodle ballet" that already sounds amazing to me, but the way he did it, it wasnt too strange, puffy, or "poodly" But the colors, the ideas, they where all simple, wearable, but still high fashion.
A few of my favorite looks:
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This dress, in a way, reminds me of the Jessica Mcclintock dresses all the aberzombies wear to prom, but it catches my eye in a way those dresses dont. Maybe its the colors, or the thought and detail put into it, that you wone be getting on a $100 dress. It like a prom dress, but upgraded.
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Wow. This top, this top is just so, wow. The colors are beautiful together, and very random, not used much elsewhere in the collection. Which i like. It looks almost like she is a "forest fairy" with leaves drped over her chest. Very different compared to the charcoal greys we expect from spring [like in the Akris Collection ]
And although i cant afford it, i have a good feeling that before i know it, forever21 will have their own version of this top.
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When i think of fall, i think of, cold breezes, chilly nights, and what better for a time like that, than this adorable look? It looks extremely comfy, like a wool sweatshirt, but still fashionable. the Perfect blend.
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here we go, a soft ballerina pink. on a simple satin dress, with totally awesome details. It almost reminds me of something Jackie Kennedy/ Jackie O would have worn. And the little bow in the middle is just the icing on the cake [or should I say bow on the present?]
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My favorite of the collection. simple, elegant, a little bit funky. what more can we ask for? Without the coverup, it would be bit dull, but the coverup with the sheer, matador type sleeves really shakes things up.

Overall collection rating: 9 [loved it, but could get a little too plain]

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Wendy said...

I think Zac Posen is my favorite formal gown designer.

miss hautttefashion said...

I love the sweatshirt/dress thing. It would be PERFECTTT for lazy days where you still want to look good.
and of course the [last] gown is looking gorgeous

leah. said...

i am always right...duh anna.
oh yeah i like rodarte's collection too.

leah. said...

did u go to ?

ChiliLady said...

your picks are great. these dresses are fab!!

bronwyn said...

Hey Anna,

I'd love to swap links - you have two blogs on yr profile, should I link to this one or Style Marauders? Enjoy yr weekend:)

Adele said...

wow great post! I love the first dress the best I think its amazing! N if I was rich and famous I'd have it! Haha I lobe Zac Posen! I loved his dress that rhianna wore to the Grammys the eletric blue one! I read your profile... I'm curious to know what your other talent is!

coco said...

I am soooo loyal to him! This collection is so fab as well!

Adele said...

haha i read mostly everyones about me section... Thats what its there for lol if its really that personal it doesnt matter just me being curious haha x x

Gloria said...

you can never go wrong with zac posen.

Anonymous said...

the first dress is so pretty. I want!

im adding you to my blogroll, you can add me back if youd like :]
great blog keep it coming:)

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