Friday, March 21, 2008


I;m sorry to inform you,
that all the suspense and anticipation from you guys to see my costume
and the anticipation from me to wear it.
it wasn't that big of a hit.
i mean i knew it wasnt some amazing costume, but i expected more.
it was simply the icing on the cake for my mediocre week.
consisitng of...
Leah getting the hair cut i wanted.
not being allowed to get the twiggy cut.
getting a haircut im not that thrilled about.
messing up my megilla reading at school.
forgettiing to do my math homework, and getting in toruble.
tellng the boy i like, who knows i like him that i dont like him.
eating too much.
my costume being bad, compared to leah's.
i feel like everything i do, everyone likes what Leah does better. [sorry you hafta read all this leah...]
its just so unfair.
i sorry shes some exotic asian beauty, and i cant compre, but thats not my fault.

oh well, here is my new haircut, i am trying to convinve my mom to take me back in to get the cut i originally wanted, since i look 40 with this hair...

i would like to have this hair, but would it look good? idk.

Now about Purim....
i chose to be twiggy, i thought my costume was pretty nifty, ya know?
well apparently not.
my friends liked it, but thats their job.
only one guy knew who twiggy was, when this other guy asked who i was supposed to be i told him twiggy and he said.
"your dressed as a stick?"
one girl liked my dress. not the costume, the dress.
one teacher thought i ws dressed at sarah jessica parker, and when i told him i was twiggy, he said "shes too skinny" and a guy friend of mine yelled out "finally someone agrees with me!"
And those where the responses.
And i got 2 compliments o my hair, discluding those from friends. 2!

Well here are some pictures, Leah dressed in her dazzling Audrey Hepburn outfit. Outshining me completely. *sigh*
oh well. Emily's hippie costume got ZERO compliments/remarks, same with hannah's.

My costume- emulating this outfit...

Me and Leah [aka Audrey Hepburn]

Me and My Gals [Emily- Hippie, Me- Twiggy, Leah- Audrey Hepburn, Hannah- rainbow/ skittles/ rainbow brite/gay pride]

Me being So cool, not.:


Reggie said...

Sorry to hear all that hun!

I remember i got a haircut once just cause i wanted to expirment...yeah it was terrible, my hair looked awful! But yours is cute!!! I like the twiggy cut to, i think both suit/would suit you nicely!

And as for friends that out shine you...i totally understand. My best friend...well theres pics of her on my blog so u can get the point, and every guy likes her (including the one i like, grrr!)!

Chin up girly!


p.s. thanks for the link trade!

bronwyn said...

I think your Twiggy outfit is absolutely cool and adorable!!! Just because your school friends haven't heard of Twiggy doesn't mean the outfit's not excellent. Anyway, have a nice week-end... and keep posting.

Adele said...

haha that is sooo cool that you dressed as Twiggy i think shes amazzing! Im not sure if your from the UK but Twiggy was on a talk show the other day an showed lots of clips of her from the 60s lol was really cool. and yep i think you should so get the haircut.x

Adele said...

haha im glad you love london... i will add you to my list on blog now... i tried to add you on myspace but it says you have to no your email or second name :S
thats mine if you wanna add me :)

emsie said...

really like the outfit. Your hair looks lovely. I think the twiggy style cut would suit you too.

Miriam said...

Nice blogg ;)

emmi said...

hey! i just read your comment, and if you want to, i can translate some of texts to the pictures in english, that wouldn't be a problem. and thanks for having me as a link, makes me happy. do you live in usa, where? love that country.

Kinsey said...

i really like your twiggy outfit.
its really cute!
You look adorible in it!

emmi said...

answer: ohio, cool! i live in the south of sweden actually. well, if you check out my blog in a time again maybe i'm writing in english to. just have a question, how did you find my blog and what is it that you like about it? :)

Sydney Speel said...

bad haircuts are no big deal... it's happened to me... my side bangs were cut so that they were 1 inch long...EEK!

my stepmom gave me some of the best advice though, "hair always grows back."

i know, it's obvious... but it helps!

keep your chin up like reggie says!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

u are so sassy and mod!!!the new twiggy!!

Natalie said...

Your costume is adorable! And I love your haircut.

Hold in there, things might change someday.

Until then, find ugly, fat people, to hang around with to make yourself look better.

JK!!! So kiddingg!! You don't need to do that.

saray said...

I like your costume!
I think it's really original!
i was peter pan and belive me it was lame!

your haircut is really cute ! i love it!

i don't know if that is going to cheer you up - but 3 guys that i liked , liked my best friend + she dated 2 of them!
It's all about confident.. trust me!

purim is all about having fun!

Stephanie said...

I love your twiggy outfit! Don't listen to those other kids.

leah. said...

You don't have to compare yourself to me.
it's not like i'm any better.
my hair cut got 3 compliments from friends, and 2 from others. No one knew wat my costume was either they all thoguhtt i was john f. kennedys wife, and i didnt get much compliments either.
plus you are better at alot of stuff compared to me,
you are better at:
-taking pictures
-putting together clothes
-and a lot more crap.
You were just having a lousy week, everyone has those.
and i like your hair cut, it doesnt make you look 40 it makes you look 16, a good age which modeling is good for hah.
well anyways, yeah. lol
love you doll face.
later skater

Elle said...

Anna-luv, you're fabulous. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Aindrea said...

i love the twiggy outfit! you remind me of twiggy so much! :)

would you like to link blogs btw?
i've just started out my blog hehe xx

addicted said...

ador twiggy outfit! happy purim!

The Clothes Horse said...

You look very cool--you've totally got the Twiggy build. I think you should go for the shorter hair cut, you have a very similar face shape so you should be able to pull it off nicely. And you don't look 40 with this hair at all!

laurenn! said...

oh my god.
the girl that was audrey hepburn looks like her!

I like your outfit.
Every twiggy-esque.

1234 said...

i love your outfit/look a lot better than the audrey one. and to be honest, you remind me more of eddie sedgewick than twiggy...but also a little bit of twiggy....and YES YES YES go for the hair cut!! i think you would pull it off sooo well.
link up??

Miu Miu said...

I adore Twiggy and her style.
Your outfits look very good and twiggy-like :)

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